Miley Cyrus Loves Handmade Jewelry from

I just read one of the most, well, predictable things I’ve ever heard. Miley Cyrus has been promoting It’s this new website that sells handmade jewelry, and I’m not sure what else, I think some home decor and wedding decorations as well. I’m sure they sell other things too but I haven’t quite had the time to do my research. I spent way too much time stalking Liam, I guess. Really, I wonder how much they are paying her to do this. Her time is worth its weight in gold.

She was saying that she bought some handmade necklaces from artisanbooth, which I thought was cute. Miley’s style has always been so original and trendy that I couldn’t see her voluntary wearing things that so many other people also own! She also mentioned how much she loves their bracelets, rings, and pendants. Pretty cool if you ask me.

It’s this titanium quartz ring that she was photographed wearing:

From the research that I did do, I discerned that the site mostly caters to the eco-friendly crowd, as well as those who prefer to reduce their carbon footprint. In other words, they don’t sell anything that is made in China, and help people to support their local artisans, sort of like the slow food movement but for handmade jewelry. It sounds good but anything that such a famous person promotes is bound to make me just a little bit suspicious.

I am really interested in checking out some of Liam’s photos now. I wonder if she bought him anything from, because I did see that they have a men’s section too, mostly with some rings but they also had some cute hemp necklaces and things of that sort. Ahh well there goes my weekend.



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